Reflecting the rich Celtic heritage of Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Food, Spirits, Tradition and a Delightful Atmosphere at our pub in St. Louis

You won't find an Irish pub in St. Louis that has as close of connection with Ireland as Seven Gables Inn Hotel in Clayton, this is the second location for the pub, the original location is more than 9,300 miles away in Killarney, a picturesque town in southwest Ireland.

Enjoy a charming atmosphere, a number of drink specials that include your favorite spirits, entertaining events and an incredible menu full of delicious Irish standards and American pub classics when you visit Molly Darcys.

A History That Crosses the Atlantic

The original Molly Darcys was opened more than a decade ago by Bill Cullen, one of Ireland's most renowned figures and successful entrepreneurs. St. Louis has Cullen's local partners to thank for bringing the concept to the area. They were determined to bring an authentic Celtic-style pub to their hometown and knew the Seven Gables Inn was the perfect home for it. The restaurant is named for Cullen's grandmother, Molly Darcy, the family matriarch who passed away two months shy of her 100 th birthday.

Whether you're looking for the perfect place for a quick, satisfying business lunch or the ideal spot to have dinner with friends and family and enjoy a pint, Molly Darcys is sure to become one of your favorite stops.


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Molly Darcys St. Louis 26 N. Meramec St. Louis, Missouri 63105 United States Phone: (314) 863-8400